JetBrains TeamCity Authentication Bypass - CVE-2024-23917

Case: CG-2024-00001-teamcity
Case lead: Soufian El Yadmani
Researchers: Chris Heald, Gabriel Tarsia, Michael Rowley, Soufian El Yadmani, Tuhin Mukherjee
CVE: CVE-2024-23917
Product: JetBrains TeamCity
CPE: cpe:2.3:a:jetbrains:teamcity:*:*:*:*:*:*:*:*
Vulnerable Versions: TeamCity on-premise versions spanning from 2017.1 to 2023.11.2
Vendor Statement:


A significant security vulnerability has been recently uncovered in TeamCity On-Premises. In the event of exploitation, this flaw has the potential to empower an unauthorized attacker, who has HTTP(S) access to a TeamCity server, to bypass authentication checks successfully. Consequently, such an attacker could acquire administrative control over the affected TeamCity server, posing a serious risk to the integrity and security of the system. It is imperative to address and remediate this issue promptly to safeguard the confidentiality and proper functioning of the TeamCity On-Premises environment.


JetBrains recommends that On-Prem users promptly update to the most recent version (2023.11.3) or, alternatively, apply the provided security patch to prevent unauthorised access. See their blog for more details.

Compromise Assessment

Where possible, you should also conduct a compromise assessment to check if the exploit has already been abused by: - checking access and audit logs and comparing to real human user behaviours (e.g. "Did you really login in at Midnight Dave?") - checking for signs of persistence such as new user accounts (e.g. "Who is Elaine.Ransom?") This includes the TeamCity server itself as well as any other servers that can be accessed from it such as CI/CD assets.